Summer Nails Tips 2021

Summer nails, accompany your combination, clothes or energy. I think that summer nail models for the summer should be colorful. But some people also prefer soft models instead. That is why there are all kinds of models in this article. Arrived at the end of summer 2021. There are 3 months in front of us, you may need a lot of suggestions. For this, I have prepared beautiful examples for nail art lovers. So while the season of ready-made light-colored clothes has started, there is a need for various summer nails to accompany your combinations.

Your combinations are ready but you don’t know what to wear and how to add a pattern?

Then take a look at my beautiful summer nail suggestions that are leading the trend lists of 2021.

1. Fine French Pattern

Thin strip french can be the savior of summer days with its simplicity and elegance. It’s so cool and so classic.

2. Big Daisy Patterned Nails

A large daisy pattern on nude tones can add a very nice look. It’s so cool and so different.

3.Nude Nails

We are all aware of the beauty of nude nail polish.
Have you ever thought of adding fresh tones to the bottom of your nails?

4. Magnolia Flower Pattern

You can carry the elegance of magnolia flower on your nails.

5. Raki White Nails

Raki white nail polish adds a very stylish look when dining by the beach in the evening so you should include it in your preferences. ­čÖé

6. Splash Effect

You can try the splash pattern that goes well with sweet dresses in summer.

7. Colorful Waves

You can try the wave pattern that goes well with shorts and crop combinations.

8. Basic Patterns

You can choose this model with simple patterns, which I think goes very well with a white shirt.

9. Cloud Patterned Nails

Cloud pattern can be your savior in every combination so it will look great with a denim jacket in the cool of the evening. It’s so cool and so different.

10. Color Half French

How would you like to use the french pattern, so which is another savior model, colorfully this time?

11. White Waves

You can try white waves, which is a model that suits earth tones very well.

12. Detailed Flower Pattern

Imagine that you are wearing a rose-dry satin dress, so this model will be your complementary piece.

13. Tiny Shiny Doodle Patterned Nails

I have not forgotten my crazy readers, of course, bright patterns will go very well with denim shorts. It’s so brave and so different.

14. Lilac Elegance

A great pattern that you can use with your lilac crop and denim shorts or with a lilac dress.

15. Fruit Patterns on White French

Have a summer themed party? Here are the quotes you need. It’s so sweet and so different.

16. Purple Dalmatian Pattern

You can try to use the dalmatian pattern, which suits many places, on your nails for a long time.

17. For the love of yellow! / Lemon Pattern

Hey lemon freaks shout out! Your nails will look so sweet on holiday with these nails. It’s so cool and so different.

18. Pride Month Special

LGBTQ+ members we love you so much! #loveislove

19. Colorful French and Tiny Touch

How about adding pastel tones to colored french? It’s so cool and so different.

20. Purple Shades

We came with a great suggestion for ladies who do not compromise on their elegance so it’s so cool and so different.

21. Shiny Heart Patterns

I really like bright patterns with jeans. A great model that you can use when meeting with your friends.

Summer Nails

22. Multiple Flower Pattern

You are tired of the same nails all the time and now you want to try new things so you can get the different and beautiful look you want with these nails.

23. Eye Pattern Nails

Like me, you love the eye pattern, but if you don’t know where to use it, so this model is for you! It’s so cool and so different.
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